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Andrew Areoff

About Andrew Areoff

“How can I transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the evocative? Have I conveyed more than a just a record of a scene and created a compelling, quirky and thought provoking representation of a subject, a place, a time, a feeling.

Light is fleeting and ever-changing. Wait for that spectacular light and more often than not it fails to materialise. Instead it creeps up on you unexpectedly and unpredictably. But when light and scene fuse together at the right time they render a scene of such hue, detail and texture that has to be captured before it is lost forever.

Be it coastline, landscape, urban, still-life or the minutiae of an environment – I use a camera to capture these moments; concentrating less on the medium but instead more on how I can use my tools to encapsulate the essence of what I am seeing before me and what it means.”


Andrew Areoff is a UK based photographic artist who identifies subjects mainly within his immediate and local area. He works to capture, refine and re-assess seemingly ordinary and clichéd scenes that are often taken for granted.

Andrew uses a variety of film and digital cameras to capture his images, ranging from plastic lens lomographic cameras to medium format digital systems. Aside from the making of images, he is passionate about post-production and in particular the final output of an image. To optically extract and realise the ultimate in image quality and intensity Andrew uses giclée and C-Type photographic prints – after all, the reproduction hung on the wall is the ultimate evidence of the merits of an image and the reflection of the photographer’s intention. A recent client commented on a print purchased from Andrew Areoff: “printed on a high quality material and with an amazing range of black and white tones as well as a very talented composition it will receive a special place at my home”.

Andrew Areoff sells his work to local, national and international clients as well as undertaking commercial and personal commissions. He is currently working on a project depicting the Essex coastline – the longest in the UK and conventionally disregarded as being of little scenic beauty let alone photographic merit.

Blue beach hut
horse star shell
Thorpe Bay Beach Huts
Yellow Beach Hut
Number 182 beach hut
Beach Hut Avenue
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